Difass International, with its experienced team of scientists and trusted suppliers, is able to realise and license its references also to third companies working in the healthcare industry. With more than 180 ready-to-market finished products with original USPs, supported by clinical evidence and patents, Difass International is able to intercept market needs and trends and to realise products designed for its domestic and international partners. 

The original formulations and technological innovations are exported in various countries of the world. With more than 20 partnerships already established, the territorial coverage of the world markets is in continuous expansion and new distribution and licensing agreements are currently being defined. 

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Difass International is interested in licensing-out its portfolio to healthcare/pharmaceutical companies that have the ability to sell, distribute and promote Difass products, or want to develop their own brands through the R&D unit of Difass. 
Its twenty-five-year experience allows it to offer assistance and support to its partners in several fields: 


Our R&D team has developed a very vast portfolio of products, supported by clinical trialspatents and technological innovation, usually destined to medical prescription, pharmacist or for self-medication. 
We are also able to design and realise tailor-made products, according to partners’ specific needs or regulatory requirements. 

Regulatory Affairs

Our internal professionals specialised in regulatory issues are able to check the products’ compliance with Italian and European regulations and with the guidelines imposed by reference Authorities. Our expertise extends also to the preparation of dossiers and regulatory assistance for the local registration and import of products in the partner’s territory. 

Quality Assurance

We carry out a rigorous choice of raw materials, an accurate quality control on the entire manufacturing and distributive process and we use the most advanced technologies to guarantee the quality and safety of finished products, following manufacturing procedures, finely comparable to pharmaceutical standards.

Scientific Marketing

We support our partners during the launch and commercialization of products, not only providing assistance during the creation of marketing materials, but especially arranging and participating (via videocalls or local meetings) in training courses for the marketing team, medical representatives and medical events directed to physicians. 

Logistics & Supply Chain

Our partners can count on logistics support, with the coordination of our internal team, in order to prepare export documents, organise the flow of goods and obtain a flexible and effective supply chain.  

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