19% Deductibility for food for special medical purposes

19% Deductibility for food for special medical purposes
Recently, the Senate Budget Committee approved an amendment to the tax decree that provides for the deductibility of "food for special medical purposes", covered by the European directive 2009/37/EC and included in the homonymous national register held by the Ministry of Health.
As for other medical expenses, this is a deduction equal to 19% of the incurred expenses, valid for purchases made in 2018.
In order to deduct the cost, you need to keep the receipt or invoice indicating the quantities and the kind of purchased products, as well as the tax code of the recipient.
This maneuver aims to lighten the expense of Italian families who buy this type of food for health reasons, but also represents an important tool in the hands of the medical class for the nutritional management of their patients.
It is important to remember that Difass has two foods for special medical purposes in its portfolio, Prother® and Prother® 5, valuable allies for the nutritional support of cancer patients, geriatrics patients and others.