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Instructions for use:

Virustop® mouthwash is indicated for the treatment of discomfort caused by diseases of several origins affecting the oral cavity; aid in the restoration of the physiological function of the oral mucosa.

How to use Virustop® mouthwash:

Perform four or more washes per day using the liquid as such; following the instructions received by the pharmacist or by your doctor.


Do not use Virustop® mouthwash in case of hypersensitivity and/or allergy to any components of the product. Do not use together with other devices or medicines for topical oral use. In case of supposed or ascertained pregnancy, Virustop® mouthwash shall only be used following the pharmacist's or your doctor's advice. The use during the first four months of pregnancy should be evaluated according to the issues affecting the oral cavity. Prolonged use of the product can lead to local sensitization or irritation; in such cases, stop the treatment and seek the pharmacist's or your doctor's advice. The development of adverse reactions different from the ones described must be reported to the pharmacist or to your doctor. The brownish tinge of the solution is due to the presence of a natural extract. Keep out of sight and reach of children. Do not use the product if the bottle is not intact.

Storage conditions:

Store the bottle inside its original packaging, in a fresh and dry place, away from heat sources.


100 ml bottle

Medical Device CE


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