Whey supplementation in malnourished patients with advanced cancer undergoing chemotherapy

Whey supplementation in malnourished patients with advanced cancer undergoing chemotherapy
A recent study has been published in the important journal Cancer Medicine, a peer-reviewed, open-access interdisciplinary journal specialized in clinical research and prevention in oncology, a study conducted at the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia by the interdisciplinary team of Clinical and Dietetic Nutrition , aimed at determining the benefit of whey protein supplementation in addition to nutritional counseling in malnourished patients with advanced cancer undergoing chemotherapy. This is a randomized, pragmatic, parallel-group controlled study involving 166 malnourished cancer patients with advanced pathology in chemotherapy (CT), divided into two groups: nutritional counseling + whey protein 20 g/per day (N = 82) vs nutritional counseling (N = 84).

From the discussion: “[...] In the present study, we found that the additional supplementation of whey protein to patients with advanced cancer undergoing nutritional counseling during chemotherapy, improved body composition, muscle strength, body weight and reduced chemo-induced toxicity. [...] "

These are very important results, especially considering that the most serious problem faced by specialists is malnutrition, in fact the debilitated and malnourished patient is unable to withstand chemotherapy treatments, thus canceling therapies previously administered. As defined by the authors: "[...] This is the first study to support the efficacy of this particular nutritional intervention in association with nutritional counseling, although there has been previous positive evidence to support whey protein supplementation in cancer patients. [... ] "

Whey protein supplementation is therefore becoming increasingly important in the nutritional management of cancer patient, representing a very important ally for those who have to clinically assist patients on a daily basis, that at the same time provide a reliable support from a qualitative point of view.

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